A student in my Social Psych class recently asked if she and some classmates could interview me for their Contemplative Spirituality class. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but it sounded like fun so I agreed. I didn’t really know what to expect- maybe a conversation about religion and its role in my life?

I loved this experience. The class and content of the interview focused on mindfulness and spending time thinking about what your life means and how you are living it. It sounds like an incredible class- one I wish I had taken as a college student! The students really loved it too. I especially enjoyed having this kind of deep conversation with them. Topics came up that I wouldn’t necessarily choose to talk with my students about- like alcoholism and my ex-boyfriend, but it felt like the right context to discuss them in. The students were positive and supportive in response, and one even shared a similar experience that she had with an abusive ex.

I found the content really interesting, so I asked if I could write down the title of the book that they used. Instead, one of the students gave me her copy. She said she didn’t need it for class anymore and wouldn’t be able to sell it for much, so I could read and keep it. I felt amazingly touched by this. It’s the kind of thing I would hope happens with this kind of book- you read them and then want to pass them on to others so they, too, can benefit from the message. Maybe when I’m finished with it, I will also pass it along to someone else.

Even though I wrote a blog post yesterday, I felt like I wasn’t really in the mood for it. I was feeling a little down in general about life. I wrote because I hadn’t written in awhile and thought that I should. This conversation and the gift of the book rejuvenated me. It reminded me of the goals I have for my own life about being mindful and authentic and inspired me to jump back into them.

I love my job, because I love to inspire others. I’ve found though that often, my students inspire me, too.


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