On Friendship and Gratitude

I didn’t have a lot of close friends growing up. It wasn’t really until junior year of high school that I found a group of people I really connected with. I lamented it at the time- why did it take me so long! I only had a year and a half at that point before I was done with high school and would leave all of my friends behind. I was jealous of the people who had the same best friend since preschool. They had so many memories together!

What I didn’t know, was that twelve years later, we would still be friends.

I just left a party with my high school friends. Four of them still live in the area and we hang out regularly to play board games, watch movies, or play Pathfinder. But every year around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, all ten or so of us (whoever can make it that year) get together.

It’s amazing that we have still kept in touch for this long. I feel overwhelmingly grateful to have such good friends. I never imagined that I would still be friends with my high school friends today, but I’m so glad that I am.

There is no better feeling than spending time with someone who knows you incredibly well. We play social deduction board games (we used to play Mafia, this year we upgraded to Secret Hitler) and know each other so well, that it’s almost easy to guess everyone’s role each game.

I’ve been feeling frustrated lately that so many of my friends are getting engaged and it didn’t work out with the person I was dating. I kept looking and what I didn’t have.

But in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ve started to look at what I do have. I have some amazing friends who, after twelve or more years, still care about each other and spend time together. And I am so grateful for them.

One thought on “On Friendship and Gratitude

  1. I can relate to this! I was fairly socially isolated during my primary and secondary school years, but things came together during my junior and senior years of high school… only to go dormant when I was an undergraduate and re-emerge during grad school.


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