Health and Support

A few weeks ago, I finally set some health goals for myself for the first time in months! I’ve been making very slow progress since around August or so, but I haven’t really been doing it very seriously. I’ve been making excuses like “I’m focusing on exercise now” or “I want to set realistic goals” or “I want to do something sustainable” and then I don’t feel bad when I don’t make much progress on them.

Recently, I’ve been inspired to be healthy again and support came from a somewhat surprising area. SeaMonkeys! Not the fish things, but the people on the JoCo cruise. To me, the community of SeaMonkeys has always been incredible. Going on the cruise each year is like being with my people. It’s being somewhere I really, truly belong. We share similar hobbies and interests and mostly a community of kindness and understanding.

I found a SeaMonkey Facebook group for health and fitness and it’s been great! I tried a paid app a few months ago that tried to set this up with random people and health coaches, but this is much better! Everyone is so supportive, asks you about your goals, follows up if they haven’t heard from you, and gives you the kindest encouragement. It’s been so refreshing to have this kind of support.

Last week, I got a surprise message from the group saying I won! Winning is always nice, but I got a $25 gift card to wherever I wanted! (Chipotle, of course!) It was a really great feeling to have a surprise gift like this. It made me extra motivated to keep going with my health and fitness goals.

I had a bit of a setback this weekend, when I discovered one of my biggest weaknesses- movie theater popcorn. It doesn’t help that I can just eat it mindlessly while I watch a movie either.

What I’m learning, though, is that the important thing isn’t to do amazing all the time, but to not give up when you have a setback. It’s so easy to say Darn, I failed! Let’s go eat some more popcorn! It’s a lot harder to say Well, that wasn’t the best decision, but let’s get back on track.

Nevertheless, that’s what I’m doing. I’m committed to being healthier in the long term, not just when it’s convenient. I want to make this a permanent change in my life.

I’m buying and eating more fruits and vegetables so I have healthy snacks instead of unhealthy ones. I’m buying desserts I like too, though. Surprisingly, this has actually helped. When I want dessert, it’s good to have something I want and feel like I get a treat. I used to scavenge around to eat any dessert I have because I desperately wanted something.

Most importantly, I’m learning what works for me, doing that, and not giving up!

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