Sucker for Sales

I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for sales. Any time I hear about a sale, especially a Big Sale with extremely low prices, I gravitate to it like a hungry person to a buffet. I can’t help being attracted to the great deals, even on items I would never have thought about buying before that sale.

So when I was at the mall, and saw the sale on used TV shows (buy one get for $1!) at FYE, I just HAD to stop and investigate. Pretty soon I found 12 (yes, actually 12) seasons that I needed to own. I called my parents (they love buying TV shows on DVD) and asked if there was anything they wanted. They didn’t have the shows my dad wanted though and I couldn’t get ahold of my mom. But I knew she would be extremely excited to find out. I assumed I’d be coming back to get her some more.

I walked out of the store feeling great about spending $100 on 12 seasons of TV shows I had already seen.

When I did finally get ahold of my mom, she was shocked, “That’s so much money for you!” and I tried to convince her that it was such a good deal! Besides, she was the one who I had inherited my love of sales from.She had certainly spent more on much worse purchases. I felt affronted that she would be the one to attack my great finds.

Her comment made me think about it some more. I talked to my boyfriend as well, who responded with these gems: “I don’t know if I own any DVDs since someone gave me the box set of Monty Python’s Flying Circus for my Bar Mitzvah” and “If you like having them on display by the TV then it could still be worth it.”

I didn’t think I wanted a $100 display of DVDs. I really could spend that $100 much better, even if it was just on a piece of artwork or one of my clay dragon obsessions.

I realized that despite owning quite a few TV shows on DVD, I hadn’t really watched them since before the days of Netflix. In fact, some of the shows I had purchased from FYE, I even had digital copies of on my external hard drive.

So why did I buy these?

It all came down to the sale. It sounded so good. I couldn’t pass up the deal. I thought I had better buy these now before someone else comes along and figures out what a great sale this is and gets all the stuff I want.

After some reflection, I decided I could really spend this $100 better. Lucky for me, I was still able to return the DVDs, which I did, thinking about how all I had really done was waste about an hour of my time.

It reminded me of my commitment about two years ago to buy less clothes and books. I know some have criticized minimalism as a fad, but I really get it. Honestly, sometimes owning so much stuff is overwhelming. I have to figure out where to put it and constantly re-organize my closets to fit everything. I don’t want to be the kind of person who buys all this stuff she doesn’t need. I especially don’t want to be a hoarder. But it’s so hard to give things up when you’ve already spent the money and can’t take it back.

I’d like to make a new goal to this effect, but I think I still need to process what would work best for me in terms of buying and in terms of getting rid of stuff. Either way, I’d like to definitely be committed to thinking carefully about my purchases and especially to be wary of sales!

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