Weight Watchers

I just joined Weight Watchers at work and what I did not expect to feel was a huge sense of relief.

When the semester started 5 weeks ago, work sent out an email about Weight Watchers, but I couldn’t make the meeting time. Two or three weeks later, I remember thinking to myself that I needed to re-commit to eating healthy and it was a shame that I couldn’t make Weight Watchers. Literally that same day, they sent an email saying they were changing the meeting time. I remember feeling terrified because I knew that meant I had to commit. There’s nothing I hate more than making myself a hypocrite, especially when it comes to dodging my goals.

I knew I had about two weeks of eating whatever and I somehow tried to fit in literally every unhealthy food that I enjoyed eating into the time before Weight Watchers started. The first week of this was exciting. By the second week, I wasn’t even enjoying the food and just felt bad. I was looking forward to Weight Watchers.

I’m still a little bit scared because this is going to mean some pretty extreme lifestyle changes. I have 23 points per day and what I usually eat for breakfast (a yogurt and Bellvita) that I thought was pretty healthy, is 11 points. That’s almost half of my daily calories and isn’t even that filling.

I expect that this will change the way I think about food and how I cook and eat. If I can stick to this, I think I will lose a lot of weight. More importantly, I will make healthier decisions and formulate healthy habits that should last a long time. I’ll also stop feeling guilty about my eating. It’ll free up a lot of mental space and help me feel better about myself and my body.

I think my biggest obstacle will be holding strong, even when other people aren’t keeping to the same healthy choices. So many of my friends and family love deserts and we love to share them. My parents bring or make me desert, my best friend takes me to all the different ice cream places when I visit her, and the first thing my boyfriend asked me today when I told him about SmartPoints was how much fries from Five Guys were (30 in case you’re wondering. Remember, your daily limit is 23).

I’m proud of joining and committing to this lifestyle change, but I’m definitely scared of how different and how hard it’s going to be. Please be understanding and supportive, especially as I start this journey. And I hope that you’re inspired to start your own- weight and health or otherwise!


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