Keep Going

This week I lost 3.2 pounds in 4 days on Weight Watchers! It brings me to a total of 17.2 pounds since I started in September!

At first when I was looking at my overall number I felt a little disappointed- surely this famous weight loss program could help me lose weight faster than any other, right? But it’s not about the number and it’s not about the speed. What WW has done for me, that so far no other diet/health/nutrition plan has is to be a lifestyle change.

There have been at least 3 times so far that I felt I really screwed up on WW. I had spent a week or longer not really caring what I ate, not really tracking my food, gaining weight. Sometimes I would stagnate for awhile and think why am I even doing this?

But the most important thing I did at those moments, the reason that WW has helped me be so successful, is that I kept going. I didn’t give up. I didn’t allow myself the easy path of saying I failed and quitting.

I once read this quote that has stuck with me for decades, “Perseverance isn’t one long race; it is many short races one after another.” (Walter Elliot). To me, this quote embodies the mindset of hard work and how I’ve had to approach the most difficult areas of change in my life.

It’s not just hard to decide to make a life change, or start a diet plan like WW. It’s hard every day. It’s hard when you wake up in the morning and decide what to eat for breakfast. It’s hard when you go to your work holiday luncheon and face the famous desert lineup. It’s hard when you face the scale after a difficult day or week. Every decision you make takes effort.

Sometimes you will fail. No one is perfect. No one can make the ideal decision every time. But the most important thing is to keep going. No matter how badly you think you’ve fucked up. You can always continue making progress. Making mistakes happens; they’re unavoidable. Quitting is a choice. You can always choose to keep going. Quitting isn’t something that happens to you, but it’s when you decide to take the easy way out.

You might occasionally need to take a break from your goals and that’s okay- I did this in November. For my mental health, I just couldn’t keep up the writing habit I wanted to last month. I was exhausted from traveling, overwhelmed from work, and facing my laptop everyday to write just made me anxious. But I haven’t given up on it for good. On my holiday list, I put money toward an online writing class. And I got it for Hannukah! I was pleasantly surprised when I opened that gift and once again, I started daydreaming about being a writer.

Failure is unavoidable, but quitting is not. Keep going- you can do it!